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About Us

We love Berlin. In particular, we love exploring its unique history and digging deep through the stories of the past. We want to share our passion for this city with locals and tourists alike but feel that conventional walking tours are not always the best format.

This is why we came up with an alternative: micro tours. We take all the layers of history that a small but significant area has to offer and distill it into an engaging experience of the city’s past and present. In other words, we offer compact and accessible walking tours that focus on big history in small locations. We believe such micro tours of Berlin often tell you more about the city’s past and present than a mad dash all over the town can. That’s why we would like to invite you on an alternative journey through time. And we keep the groups small so that every guest, whether a local or a visitor, can enjoy a quality experience.

We, Charlotte and Martina, the founders and tour guides of Beyond and Beneath Tours, met whilst guiding above and under the ground in Berlin. We have many years of experience of telling stories that bring the history, culture and urban landscape of Berlin alive. We are passionate about connecting the dots of the city’s history and uncovering hidden traces of the past. We are much less passionate about reciting dates, statistics and ticking off all the usual must-see boxes. This is how we like our walking tours and we think you will too.



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