What happens if my phone is out of battery and I can’t show my ticket?

No worries, we’ve been there! Come to the meeting point and tell the guide your name/the name under which the tickets have been booked.

What happens if I’m running late?

We recommend arriving at the meeting point about ten minutes before the tour begins. Obviously, life happens, so if you’re running late, give us a call. Tours will generally be at the meeting point for five minutes after the start time. Other than that, unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds for missing the start of a tour.

What happens if it’s raining?

As long as the rain is not horizontal and the TV Tower is still standing, the tour will go ahead. If it looks like it’s going to rain, please bring an umbrella or wear waterproof clothing. A bit of rain never hurt anyone, eh?

Can I leave your tours early?

Sure! Of course, it’d be a shame, but we know how it is if you need to catch a plane/train, have an important meeting or a hot date (hey, bring them on a tour too). Just let your guide know.

Are your tours suitable for children?

We offer compact historical walking tours, which are about – you guessed it – history. While our tours aren’t graphic, the history of Berlin often involves some serious topics. We recommend our tours for children aged 14 and up, but it is down to parental discretion if you decide to bring younger children on the tour.

Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

All our tours are wheelchair accessible. Our walking tours cover compact areas, so there’s less walking than your average tour.

Help! I can’t find the meeting point.

Berlin Charité: 300 Years in Sickness and Health starts by the Robert Koch monument in Robert-Koch-Platz

Protest and the Square: Alexanderplatz and the History of Resistance starts outside underground station Rotes Rathaus opposite the Red Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus)

Beyond the Graves: The Fights and Flights of Invalidenfriedhof starts outside the entrance of Invalidenfriedhof on Scharnhorstraße

Behind Prison Walls: Getting into Trouble in Moabit starts at the eastern entrance of the Geschichtspark Ehemaliges Zellengefängnis

Can I get my money back if I cannot attend the tour?

Please check our Terms and Conditions for our refunds policy.

Terms and Conditions

Can I book one of your tours for a private group?

Yes, we also do our tours for groups – whether you’re a work collective, a book club or a synchronised swimming team. Please send us an email at hello@bbtours.berlin and let us know which tour you would like to book.


What does the ticket price go towards?

Beyond and Beneath Tours is a small company that seeks to offer original, high quality, in-depth tours of Berlin and to pay our guides a fair wage for doing so. Add on tax and other costs for customer service, marketing and hosting this very website, and you get our ticket prices.


Why do you only offer four tours?

We’re a new, small company and we do the tours that are important for us. We want to provide quality, not quantity. We’re always on the lookout for new tours.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

If you like our concept but would like to do a tour in another part of Berlin or on another topic, you can always contact us for a personalised tour. Give us a few keywords or suggestions, and we will come up with a customised tour idea! Send us an email at hello@bbtours.berlin.