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This was just the most fantastic walking tour. Martina is a natural historian and a brilliant tour guide—it was a really small group and this felt like having a personalised tour with the most astoundingly knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. It was so refreshing to get a history of Berlin which went beyond the twentieth-century, and I found the use of the Alexanderplatz area really inventive, too—I usually hear it dismissed but there is so much to see if you know where to look.

“Protest history in Alexanderplatz” – having lived in Berlin for a while, I was curious about this tour – yes, there are lots of protests there nowadays, but when did it begin? Martina takes us through over 500 years of history and her knowledge and enthusiasm transcends any expectations one might have for the tour. I completely recommend a tour with them the next time you are in Berlin. What a gem! We loved it!

This is not just an ordinary tour from one spot to another. “Beyond and Beneath” will take you on an exciting adventure with a story about history of medicine, protests and other topics that have shaped Berlin and Germany.

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