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Absolutely great. Been living in this area for almost 15 years and learned so many new and interesting insights about that street and the DDR regime in general. Really worth it, the guide is so good and passionate!

We did the tour of Karl Marx Allee with Martina. Our tour guide offered a comprehensive, engaging, and entertaining verbal history of the street accompanied by various photos and architectural details. The tour is especially great for people visiting Berlin with niche architectural interests, or anyone living in the city wanting to learn about a small corner of its history. As we live in the city, we’re not so interested in fast-paced hop on/hop off tours, and this one certainly scratched our itch!

We had a really wonderful tour of a part of town we now know SO much more about—Karl-Marx-Allee. Our guide was really friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable, using the architecture and surroundings as a way of exploring the historical context of the street. They were able to answer a lot of our questions, were very engaging, and provided some fantastic recommendations. I felt a real buzz after participating in the tour, and would highly recommend the Karl Marx Allee tour for tourists and residents!

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